Queen for a Day


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13 April 2010
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Queen For A Day is the 20th episode of Season 3 of H2O: Just Add Water. It premiered on April 13th, 2010.

Plot Edit

With Rikki departed from the cafe, Zane rehires Sophie to replace her and she immediately asserts her new authority – changing staff as well as the decor of the cafe. Kim gets a job in the new regime which she relishes and begins to mimic her mentor Sophie at work and home, driving Cleo crazy. Sophie's changes coincide with an allergic reaction in Bella that sets her mermaid powers off involuntarily and inhibits her singing in the band. Will and Rikki attempt to solve the mysterious cause of Bella's unusual ailment while Sophie threatens to replace the band in the cafe if Bella can't perform. Meanwhile, Cleo's encouraged to step in for Bella as lead singer under Nate's tutorage. Rikki finds the surprise solution to Bella's problem and confronts the uneasy situation with Zane and Sophie – reclaiming her freedom to attend the cafe and return for the band's big gig.

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Notes Edit

Quotes Edit

(Cleo at her home, singing Work it Out)

Nate: One, two, three, four...
Cleo: Trying to be like everybody else but nobody understands me like you dooooo♫
Nate: Okay, okay, stop! That's a... Just stop!
Cleo: How did I do? I'm a little bit rusty. (To Nate)
Kim: You sounded like a cat... dieing... painfully.

Nate: Hey babycakes, you're gonna be a star! (To Cleo)
Cleo: Do you really think this is a good idea?
Nate: Yes! Absolutely! Now, just work with me about the wardrobe. Basically, just wear something short and tight.
Cleo: Short and tight... Okay.

Kim: Here's your juice. (To Sophie)
(Bella sneezes and the drink explodes and lands on Sophie.)
Kim: But, I didn't!
Sophie: You're fired! Get out of my sight!

Credits Edit

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