The Dark Side


Air Date:
24 February 2010
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The Dark Side is the 16th episode of Season 3 of H2O: Just Add Water. It premiered on February 24th, 2010.

Plot Edit

It's a Full Moon and the girls plan to fortify themselves in the café; to avoid a water attack. They turn to the boys for support, but when Bella invites Will to help, Zane reaction of course isn't good and continues with his own plans for a night at the café with the boys. Fed up with Zane's attitude and frustrated by their inability to stop the water attacks, Rikki goes to Mako Island to confront the strange water force alone. Cleo and Bella learn of Rikki's departure but are delayed at the café when first Kim arrives with her friends – acting on news of a wild party – and then when Don arrives to locate Kim. In the Moon Pool Rikki forms a connection with the water tentacle until Will arrives in an effort to protect her. She finds she can stop the tentacle when it goes to attack Will. The incident affects Rikki deeply and she charges Will not to let the others know about it.

Trivia Edit

Allusions Edit

Notes Edit

  • Rikki gets frustrated with Zane.
  • Bella and Cleo thank Will not knowing what had really happened.
  • Rikki gains the water tentacles trust.

Quotes Edit

Rikki: I don't need anybody to protect me you got that.

Rikki: You want a mermaid come and get me.

Bella: Thanks Will I knew we could count on you.

Credits Edit

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