Rikki's Cafe first appears in Season 3; it used to be known as JuiceNet Café in Season 1 and Season 2.

Zane's father bought the cafe and Zane took over the business, and then made Rikki a partner in the business. It is not mentioned what happened to Ash Dove and Wilfred who used to run the JuiceNet Café. The cafe features outdoor seating (the same as the JuiceNet Café), serves juices and features live music from Bella and Nate's Band. Will's older sister, Sophie used to work at Rikki's cafe and she served customers their drinks and food until she screwed up a charity concert and got fired. After breaking up with Zane, Rikki no longer works at the cafe and Sophie took over her work as Zane's partner in the business.

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