15th September, 2013
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Betrayed is the 25th episode of Mako MermaidsIt will premiere on the 15th of September along with the last twelve episodes of the series. 

Plot Edit

The stress of living a double life nearly causes Zac to admit to Evie that he is a merman. Rita and the girls try to console Zac, telling him that being in the Moon Pool during a full moon will turn him back to normal, but he is still worried. Lyla again suggests letting Zac join their pod, but eventually agrees that returning Zac to normal is the best thing for everyone. Meanwhile, Cam lies to Nixie, telling her that Zac wants the trident back and offers to help her move it to a secure location. Cam borrows some diving gear from Evie but reluctantly agrees to let her come to Mako Island with him so she can discover the reason for Zac's odd behaviour. On the island, Nixie opens the cave using one of Rita's Moon Rings, allowing Cam and Evie to enter the underwater realm. Cam retrieves the trident but with Nixie's ring running out of magic, the portal closes with Evie trapped inside. While Cam runs off with the trident, Zac, Lyla, and Sirena arrive on the island, having discovered what Nixie and Cam are up to. Sirena reopens the portal with her Moon Ring, allowing Zac to rescue Evie. Afterwards, Zac and the girls admit the truth about their identities to Evie.