15th September, 2013
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Trust is the 24th episode of Mako Mermaids.

Plot Edit

Cam becomes angry at Zac when he learns that Zac has returned the trident to Mako Island. When Zac admits to Rita that it is not easy living a double life, she invites him to join her magic lessons alongside the girls. The girls tell Zac that he must give up his powers in order for their pod to return, which they believe is possible by having Zac in the moon pool during a full moon. When Zac expresses his reluctance to give up his powers, Sirena and Lyla place their trust in him and decide to give him time to think about it, acknowledging how significant their request is. Nixie, however, refuses to trust Zac after all the trouble he caused them, causing a rift between herself and the others. Later, Lyla spends time with Zac, teaching him about the ocean and mermaid history. Meanwhile, Cam earns Nixie's trust by keeping her secret safe after she is splashed at the cafe. Afterwards, Cam tells Nixie that he also wants Zac back to normal and offers to help her. Tension between Nixie and Lyla only grows when Lyla proposes the radical idea of having Zac join their pod. Nixie's opposition forces her to turn to Cam, the only person she can trust.