Evie Times Two
15th September, 2013
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Evie Times Two is the 22nd episode of Mako Mermaids.

Plot Edit

When David delivers a seafood order to Rita's house, Evie, who is still suspicious of the girls, tags along hoping to find out more about them. Meanwhile, Rita's cat, Poseidon, becomes magically enchanted after stepping through a puddle of spilled potion. After encountering Evie, who was snooping around the house, Poseidon transforms into an exact duplicate of Evie but retains the mind and instinct of a cat. David mistakes feline Evie for the real Evie and takes her back to the cafe. Later, feline Evie goes to the beach with Carly where Cam notices her odd behaviour and calls Zac for help. While searching for Poseidon, the girls run into Zac and "Evie" at the beach and eventually realise what has happened. Lyla helps Zac keep the real Evie and Poseidon apart while Nixie and Sirena work on a way to restore Poseidon to cat form.