Aquata Returns
15th September, 2013
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Aquata Returns is 21st episode of Mako Mermaids.

Plot Edit

Sirena's sister, Aquata, returns to Mako Island with good and bad news. She reveals that Sirena is now allowed to return to the pod, but Lyla and Nixie are still banished. Though Sirena is reluctant to leave her two friends, they both insist that she go. Meanwhile, Zac discovers the underwater entrance to the moon pool and confronts Lyla and Nixie, demanding they tell him about the trident's connection to the moon pool. When they refuse, he threatens to take over the moon pool. The next morning, Sirena leaves with Aquata while Nixie and Lyla confront Zac at his home. Another battle ensues with the two girls finding themselves overpowered once again. However, Sirena returns just in time to knock the trident from Zac's grasp. Lyla, seizing her chance, swims off with the trident and hides it in a small opening in the rocks. Afterwards, Sirena decides to stay with Lyla and Nixie rather than return to the pod.