Nowhere to Hide
15th September, 2013
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Nowhere To Hide is the 20th episode of Mako Mermaids.

Plot Edit

Zac takes the trident to school and hides it in his locker, hoping to keep it safe from the mermaids. Realizing that Zac has taken the trident to school, the girls show up at school to search for it. Rita talks to Zac about the trident, telling him its more than just a weapon and that he must return it to Mako Island. However, her refusal to go into details only makes Zac more curious. Rita is forced to cut the conversation short when she unwittingly gets too close to the trident, causing it to activate on its own and drain her energy. When Zac sees the mermaids at school, he ditches class and takes the trident to a warehouse. Evie notices Zac's strange behaviour and also sees the girls searching for Zac, causing her to become more suspicious of them. Later, Cam unwittingly leads the girls to the warehouse where a fight for the trident ensues. The girls, however, prove powerless against the trident and are forced to retreat. Afterwards, Rita reveals to the girls that if the trident is taken into the Moon Pool during a full moon, it will destroy the Moon Pool, the source of all mermaids' powers.