Where's The On Button
15th September, 2013
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Where's The On Button is 19th episode of Mako Mermaids.

Plot Edit

Zac finally has possession of the trident, but doesn't know how to activate it. While at school, Zac sees Rita and realises she may know something about the trident. To get access to Rita's house, he convinces Evie and David to interview Rita at her home for the school magazine. During the interview, Evie becomes suspicious that Rita and the girls are hiding something from her and begins asking them probing questions. Zac, realising that Evie is getting too close to his and the girl's secret, abruptly ends the interview before Evie can find out more. While David photographs Rita and the girls, Zac searches the house and discovers Rita's secret grotto. Later, he sneaks into the grotto through the underwater entrance with the trident in hand to check it out properly. The girls confront Zac in the grotto and inadvertently charge the trident when it suddenly begins absorbing energy from Sirena's Moon Ring. Zac escapes with the trident and returns home to experiment with its powers.