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Cam is supporting character in the series Mako Mermaids, played by Dominic Deutscher.

He is friends with Zac, and is in on the merman secret of his. He goes to the same school as Zac does. He also works as a lifeguard.


Cam is Zac's offsider and best mate. Cam is good at most things, same as Zac - but his exuberance can put people off, especially girls, with whom he is hopeless in to a comedic extent. He doesn't mind the constant rejection - it's all past of a big game as far as Cam's concerned.

When Zac is transformed, Cam is the first person he tells - and Cam's response is to try and find any way to exploit the situation for profit. Zac refuses, not wanting to draw attention to himself. As Zac's powers grow, Cam feels increasingly left out. He tries to make a place for himself in Zac's new life, but mostly finds himself covering for Zac and having to lie to Zac's girlfriend, Evie. Cam tires of being the meat in the sandwich between them, and when Zac refuses to tell the truth, Cam has had enough. But can he really abandon his best mate?