Ash Dove


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18-19 (Season 2)
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Love interest
Emma Gilbert (Girlfriend)

Ash Dove is one of the secondary characters in the second season of "H2O - Just add Water". He is played by Craig Horner.

Biography Edit

Ash is a very good horseman and Emma's boyfriend. He has been attending riding lessons since he was four years old. He was introduced into the series as Elliot's riding teacher, whom Emma develops a crush on. He later starts working in JuiceNet Café. Ash also became minor friends with Lewis and later with Zane after an incident that happened in the cafe involving Emma's secret almost being discovered by Ash, this caused the two of them to become enemies. However, Ash and Zane later forgave each other.

Relationships Edit

Emma GilbertEdit


Emma and Ash kiss

When Emma first met Ash, she found him really annoying, because of her competitive spirit. This continued at the JuiceNet Café, when Ash got the promotion and job that Emma wanted. Later, though, she developed a crush on him after they made up, and he decided to use some of her ideas for The JuiceNet Café. They start dating and everything appeared to be going pretty well, but as time passed he got close to her secret. Since Emma wouldn't tell him what was going on and her secrets, he got frustrated, and later told Emma they're over until she tells him her secret. At the end of the second series, Emma decided to tell him the truth about her being a mermaid, to which he responds with, "Cool."


It is unclear to what happened to Ash after Season 2 as he did not reappear after he discovered Emma's secret. In Season 3 Ash was not mentioned at all, it is possible that he went with Emma and her family on their travels.

Ash is absent mainly because the actor Craig Horner was busy filming The Legend of the Seeker.